Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fotos De Mulheres Núas Lesbicas

Army Gym Training Camp -

Want to discover the next appointment?
For registration and information: armygym.uisp @ yahoo.it
answer your questions.
  • 10 hours, 00 displacement field training and achievement.
  • hours 10;00 addestramento "or run or roll" (Lucia)
  •  ore 10;30 addestramento "core t raining" (Riccardo)
  •  ore 11;00 addestramento "fighting" (Piero)
  •  ore 11;30 addestramento "suppleness" (Giuseppe)
  •  ore 12;00 P.U.N.M. Pronto per Una Nuova Missione

Per tutti coloro che volessero partecipare sarà importante:
  • proper clothes with sneakers
  • towel and / or personal mat
  • Gloves gym ... ni
  • Water staff (at least 1L)
  • Possible exchange mesh.
  • medical certificate or a copy
BODY : strength, endurance, ability aerobics, body fat reduction, toning ...
FOR THE MIND: self-confidence, socialization, teamwork, Disposal of stress and negative energy .... From
race lap, going through ups, squats, lunges, pulling the bar and various theoretical and practical lessons of combat sports and self defense.
Everything is done with recoveries and techniques aimed to improve our ability to:
speed, speed endurance, muscle tone, strengthening and proprioception
Another feature is the exploitation of what we have available at the place where the training is done : walls, benches, fences ....
each session ... adventure!
It 's a functional training that aims to make the body more athletic and ready to face life every day.

Joseph Felice - Gianfranco True
3928455809 - 3288830925
Lucia Martines - 3291695392
Richard Campo - 3476984960
Piero Battaglia - 3339080358


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